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Metal Eater by Sephiros-TH
Metal Eater
Metal-Eating Fakemon
Ht: 6'01"
Wt: 777 lbs
abilities: Motor Drive (Copper form), Heavy Metal (Iron form), Sheer Force (Iridium form), HA: Metalize (makes all moves steel type)
Based on: Pulgasari, Aggron, Lions, Rhyperior
Name: Pulgasari + Dinosaur
Forms: Copper form (Sp. Def > def), Iron form (Def > Sp.Def), Iridium form (Def=Sp.Def). Note Iridium form is not show, it is a unique, all white form found in meteor craters.

1] Pulgasaur live in metal rich ore belts deep in the mountains. They use their drill horns to chip away chunks of ore that they eat. They excrete the impurities as hot slag.
2] Because of their metal rich diets, Pulgasaur grow thick manes of metal crystals. Their composition changes depending on the metal most abundant in their environment.

-Dragon Claw
-Rock Sharpen
-Iron Defense
-Dragon Tail
-Horn Drill
-Drill Run
-Meal Claw
-Meal Sound
-Hone claws
-Iron Tail
-Dragon Rush
-Flash Cannon (copper), Heavy Slam (Iron), Meteor Mash (Iridium)
-Giga Impact

Egg Moves:
-heavy slam
-flash cannon
-meteor mash
-head smash
-bullet punch
-stealth rock

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, GameFreak, and the Pokemon Company. This is just fan art. Please do not use without permission.
The living reef by Sephiros-TH
The living reef
So I haven't really been submitting much lately, mainly because of school work load, but also because I've been conceptualizing a new game concept. So To introduce it, I'd like to present Vermex! The idea behind this game concept is that your team is built around one Keystone monster that provides habitat for others. The team grows as the Keystone monster does. The idea is to have a bit more real biology, ecology, etc go into the concepts and ideas.

Note, for those of you who read, not a fakemon just to be clear.

 Pup: When Vermex are first born they hide within the armor of their mother. As they grow, the begin to secret a concrete like shell of porous calcium carbonate. This new shell give both protection and confidence to the pup, allowing it to venture further from its mother. It is during this early time that pups form their first friendships with the other creatures of the sea.
Child: Vermex pups continually add onto their shells as they grow, but in their child stages their armor is still poorly developed. Child Vermex are rambunctious and full of energy. They like to venture off far away from their mothers and explore. It is during these times that they make bonds with more and more sea creatures, swelling their ranks and confidence, which can often lead them into trouble. When the going gets tough they hid inside their shell along with their friends.
Grown: eventually the time comes for a young Vermex to leave its mother and its social group to find and form its own family. By this point, the armor of a Vermex has developed into an impenetrable fortress of rock hard tubs and pipes. When the grown Vermex moves on from its home, it takes its friends with it, bringing life to new, unexplored parts of the sea. Grown Vermex will often engage in battle for the best feeding grounds not only for themselves but also their small companions. It is at this stage that a Vermex has become a self sufficient ecosystem.
Elder: The armor of a Vermex never stops growing as it ages. Truly old Vermex sport spectacular, fortress like armor. In fact, for very old Vermex the armor becomes so heavy and constricting that they must settle down in one place for good. Having likely sired many generations, these Elder Vermex often form the core of a social group that live in close vicinity. The lifelong friends these ancient Vermex have made, protected, and sustained return the favor in this stage by bringing food and care to their again fortress of a guardian. Eventually, these majestic beasts die and their armor becomes a memento and continued home for their old friends and their descendents. Ancient Vermex graveyards become expansive reef systems built from the strong armor of generations of Vermex. These reefs often form the nurseries of future generations of Vermex and the species the befriend.

So that's Vermex, the walking reef. I hope to get another Keystone up eventually and also a nice collection of example monsters that can make bonds with Vermex.

Vermex and the game concept it is tied to belongs to me, please do not use without express permission.
Hello all my wonderful followers :) so I kinda want to figure out what design traits that I use are good or that people like, so I was hoping to get a sort of pole gong here if you all wouldn't mind indulging me. Id like to know which of my fakemon each of you likes the most. If you would be so kind just comment the name or a link to the fake. Afterwards I'll put it up on this entry and hopefully I'll be able to learn something from the result and make some better fakes for you guys in the future! I may even do a cool art of the fake with most votes :)

Newtar : 1
Thunderen : 1
Emmeron : 2
Mothawk : 1
Cotyldon : 1
Mandukin : 1
Cairnaut : 2
Zeegote : 2
Pinkadillo : 1
Unicate : 2
Twonicate : 1
Turacasque : 1
Octopod : 2
Pipefish : 1
Groulong : 1
Angoroll : 1

so far we have a much better turn out than expected! Thanks to everyone who has shared so far :] it really means a lot!



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